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About Art Theft

Report Rule breakers
If you spot rule breakers, let the group know. Leaving a comment on the main page is the easiest way for us to view reports! If a lot of people report the same person, typically dA responds more.

What is Rule Breaking?:
Art theft is the taking of someones art, whether it be paintings, posters, fanart, literature, etc. and posting it as your own. Art theft is ranked as the fourth largest criminal enterprise due to all of those who steal art, post it as their own, and then sell it. FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
Underage is when a deviant is under the age 13 but continues to use the site away. FAQ #696: How does DeviantArt comply with COPPA?
Pornography FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be?


5 Art Theft Situations 'What is and isn't Art Theft':
1. "But Everyone does it"
Sorry to say, but a lot of people do steal art, but not everyone does it! Even though it's common, not everyone is a thief. This is NOT an excuse.
2. "You're just jealous!"
No one is jealous of stolen art. The fact that you're stealing it and claiming it as your own seems pretty jealous to me though.
3. "Too bad, I don't care."
Well Mr./Ms. thief, you should care, because art theft is a crime and the art police will not stop until you are brought to justice!
4. "But I Gave Credit!"
Although giving credit is the right thing to do, it is still theft unless you have permission from the original artist. Please get permission.
5 . "I Didn't Trace, I Only Referenced."
If this is true, it is okay to reference another piece, but only if you give credit to the original artist and ask their permission. However, this may be a lie. Take a look at the picture in question, you should be able to tell if it was traced or not.
1. Always be as polite and courteous as possible.
2. Always listen to the thieves side of the story. Just because they did a bad thing, does not make them a bad person.
3. Try and be fair. Let them know what they did is wrong.
4. Always give them a chance. Don't just report them right away. Politely ask them about the piece in question and suggest that they remove it, don't try to force them. If they refuse or ignore, then report them.

Example of a good way to speak to an art thief.
Hi! You shouldn't upload art that you haven't created, it's against the ToS of deviantart. I, as many others, would love it if you took all of it down. thanks!

- not threatening
- didn't mention reporting them
- asked them to take it down
Try and be nice, they might just be nice back. I've encountered a large number of thieves who I never had to add to the blog because they appreciated my politeness removed all they stole.

Example of a bad way to speak to a thief
Hey you, stop posting shit that isn't yours! You are a lowlife who pretends to be good at art so people will like you. Stop, it's not fair to the original artist and anyone who defends you in this is stupid too for letting you steal. I'm reporting you now so you better remove it before the admins find it.

- rude
- swearing at them for no reason
- harassment
- mentioned reporting, which is also against the rules.
Once again, try to be nice. If you're mean to them first, chances are they'll be mean right back and you won't get anywhere.
If you have any questions or want help, send the group a note! (Or an admin!)

Group Info

We're here to stop all the members of deviantart who continuously make dA worse for everyone. This includes, but not limited to; Art theft, underage, pornography, harassment.
Founded 4 Years ago
Dec 30, 2011


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Support & Cause

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if on our homepage there's reports that have already been solved, should we hide the comments and only keep active cases up?
Such as someone is reporting an art theft and it's already taken down, or a user is already banned.
Before you report a user, you need proof.
if someone is underage, leave a link to their page and a link to the comment/journal that they state they're under the age of 13. Telling the help desk "My friend told me they're 11" will just get you ignored.
Theft also needs to be proven with originals and stolen. If an entire gallery is full of uncredited art (used bases, doll maker screencaps), then it's fine to just leave a link to the page. Although, the original base/game is appreciated when given.
More Journal Entries


We are the admins of The-Art-Police.
Originally founded by KimiConjurer, founder's place was given to SummerMelody454 and now passed down to TouchMyLexicon66. We are both dedicated members of the group. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to send the group a note and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for joining, and welcome aboard The-Art-Police team.









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Horseranch Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
I just want to die
Horseranch Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
Please help me I'm beening called an art thief. Iam really  really really to wanting to commit suicide I just don't know what to do
Sundira Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I have someone who I believe has stolen my character (Or if you'd prefer to say, referenced without permission) My friend, DarkwolfArtist had created a gift for my boyfriend and I back in 2014, in June for his birthday.

This is that gift;… .

This was made in june of 2014. A year later, she had been commissioned by someone with a description of that scene, unbeknownst to her that it was a copy of the scene, replacing my character with this persons character, that had referenced mine without permission.

My friend has no idea that this had been the same picture she made for me in 2014, and this is that picture the person commissioned.… .

This had been commissioned almost exactly a year after the original had been made, and from what it seems, to avoid suspicion of recreating the scene with a character using aspects of mine without permission.  For a better comparison, here is her characters reference along with mine.

She updated her reference before commissioning the image to this:…


If you would direct your eyes to the dates that these characters had been posted, you will see that my reference had been submitted August 29, 2012, and hers had been submitted December 17, 2013 . Darkwolf had made art of my characters before then, as well, which leads me to believe that is how she found my characters reference sheet, by following the icon link to my page. Those with the link back to my page include but are not limited to:……

This character is my fursona, and had been made specifically to represent me, not just to be some pretty design to be used in combination with little to no aspects from ones own original ideas, the main changes being color and shape. I feel as though this character, even with these slight changes, still represents me and thus I feel uncomfortable with it being put in drawings such as those, depicted in a relationship with someone else fursona that does not pertain to me. That part may seem over reactive to some, but the main issue here is that I had not given any permission to have my fursonas design used even in the slightest. Before it is accused, this is not just a case of finding a design similar to mine and pummeling it. I feel there are enough links between this person having access to my design before using it. With furthur digging, I would likely be able to find even more. Thank you. I mainly need advice on this situation, as the outcome I would prefer is if it were changed or deleted, and if not, I were properly cited as the inspiration for the design

HCShannon Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seanguy4 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

This user is posting pictures that I can easily find elsewhere on the internet. Does not link back to original images anywhere in their discriptions.
Mudana-dokuso Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BahumutTH Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
There is an art thief going around stealing peoples art and character. :iconshadila15:
She has stolen :icondarktomboy66gun: art and her character.
Art and character:…………

And she has also tried to grab a commission without paying from :iconthethally: and tried to trick her to send her points to send back.
Altean-Prince Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015
MINOR in a sexual SITUATION.…
AloisxFaustusx Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist has stolen my art and they will NOT take it down
Gaming-stickguy Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

Simply put, this artwork was stolen by someone else. 
Hello there c: I'd like to report :iconzlice: . They've stolen many art works from countless people, they've claimed to have drawn starry-knight16's comic.… . Thank you for your help!
PonyCharade Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
A whole group dedicated to mini-modding XD
XSreiki772 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 18, 2015   Traditional Artist
Hi, I need your help on saving my friend, MaylovesAkidah, from that troll/cyberbully named SecondMasterofDeath. That cyberbully has recently not only trolling MaylovesAkidah, but bullying her bad enough to have her nearly commit suicide and he/she thinks causing her so much pain is all fun and games, but it's actually not funny. He/She's been telling such lies about my friend being a copycat drama queen and her friend, Squira130 copying her artwork. Those are all lies from that cyberbully, he/she even does that right behind their backs. We tried to tell that troll to stop but no prevail for he/she didn't listen and kept on doing this in attempt to have everyone turn against MaylovesAkidah and to prove that he's/her's right with his/her flawed logic, wanting to justify his/her actions. Here are some proof of what that troll has been recently doing: :D (Big Grin)DDDDDDDDDDDDDDI JUST NOTICED SOMETHING COOL xDoKAYHELLoX3Well because I can' post comment...

Ohh! And he's/she's also an art thief for he stole one of Squira130's eye shaped artwork and he/she even admitted it that he/she took it from her for his/her own "drawing".  And he also stole Squira130 and Maylovesakidah's artworks to justify his/her illogical actions and spread lies about them being slaves and one of them copycats. XDHmmm

Please, you have to help stop secondmasterofdeath from hurting my friend, maylovesakidah, and Squira130 any further. Deviantart is supposed to be a website for Art and having fun, not for trolls to come over and bringing pain to any victims they choose.

P.S. I did reported that cyberbully for his/her actions, but DA staff did answered me but told me to have MaylovesAkidah contact directly to them and I tried to convince her to do so, but she's in so much pain to do so. So, please you have to ban secondmasterofdeath for all the crimes he/she committed.
Megg-Lavender Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! had stolen a lot of artwork from other DeviantArt users for "adoptables" and charged them for points. One of the the victims was chuguri, who informed me of the theft. I was also one of the victims, since I was ripped off for not knowing about the adoptables and paid for them by points.

If she can be handled, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!
ryusakihatsue Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015 this guy has been tracing art from a japanese artist called "Mishima Kurone" and claiming it as his own... 

here is a link of the evidence i have collated:
ShadowxSiegfried Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hello! I'm sorry to bother you, but I really need help!
A deviation don't want to pay me for a commission, and the same is happened to other people. What can I do?
I didn't find anything in the help desk  :-/

Shadow24601 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 DatDerpyMuffin :icondatderpymuffin:

Endermuffin Transparent by DatDerpyMuffin
He has stollen this OC as his own.

This is the Actual owner DipPineTree :icondippinetree: Glad to Have You Back by DipPineTree
She even made a redesign Ender Muffin (ReUpload/Redesign) by DipPineTree Ender Muffin Ref Sheet by DipPineTree
Ryangodzillasonicfan Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist This guy stole a lots of art from people

Here's one that is:

xXShivaChanXx Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015
Just alerting everyone. Don't buy adopts from this guy. He's stealing characters from people and reselling them as his own design.

Stolen Adopts: Cheap Pixel Adopts 3/16

Proof of original:…
What about to the user Reddwin?

Is it true that they stole art?
aldair368 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 31, 2015
I have not stolen anything, nothing !!!! Please please !!!! but I dont care this really work because my drawing !!.
He counts :iconrainbine1234: was removed…
I'm much, much crying!!!
(2 Replies)
rainbine1234 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Ugh is doing art theft again and now he is talking trash about me and this other da user 

I took a screen shot of it…
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